Seven Hills International Limited

At Seven Hills, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality and dependable products.

We design and build systems that can support your needs both in manufacturing and on the field.

Our product lines include online process control systems, energy optimising systems, water treatment systems as well as many others.

We not only focus on product supply but also help customers improve technological concepts and control. We respond quickly to your needs whether you require new systems or custom built systems.

Our objectives are aligned with those of our customers’ manufacturing teams; we aim to lower their operating expenses while maximizing their productivity and profitability.

Our technical team will work with you to meet your objectives by custom designing the best solutions in your Industry.

Our systems can help industries comply with environmental and regulatory requirements.

Take advantage of our team’s experience in utilising various systems listed in our product & services section

Seven Hills products are applicable in several industries.

Solutions have been aligned to specific applications in an industry to maximise the output as well as decrease power consumption and chemical use ultimately to enhance manufacturing competitiveness and reduce the environmental impact.

Using our knowledge in these industries, we can help customers integrate our products optimally to their specific application.

Our application designs include measures for service and maintenance to ensure the long-term future of your plant.