Seven Hills International Limited

Corporate Culture

Code of Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct contains the rules of behaviour which are binding for all employees of the Prem Param Group worldwide. It sets forth the standards upon which the company’s ethical behaviour is based, ensuring that our dealings with work colleagues and business partners are guided by mutual respect, honesty and fairness.

The Code which is valid at all Prem Param locations, take into account the diverse cultures and ideals of our employees throughout the world. It conveys the Prem Param Group’s commitment to uphold certain societal responsibilities as a globally oriented family-owned company.

Human rights

Prem Param Group respects human rights and promotes compliance with them. The company supports the fact that human rights based on accepted international laws and procedures are recognized by its employees to be universally valid.

Child and forced labour

Prem Param does not tolerate any type of child and forced labour in its company or among its business partners.



Discrimination and respect for others

Employee diversity is a decisive factor in the company’s success as a leading Supplier in global market. Prem Param is committed to providing equal opportunities and to complying with anti-discrimination laws.

Payment and working hours

Prem Param group respects the right to reasonable remuneration. All employees receive suitable payment for the tasks they perform. The company adheres to the valid working-time regulations worldwide.

Health protection

Employee safety in the workplace is a matter of exceptional importance at Prem Param Group. For this reason, all international and local health and safety regulations as well as national working-time laws are to be upheld in accordance with country-specific legislation. Moreover, Prem Param makes continuous efforts to optimize the ergonomics and safety of its working environment.

Conflicts of interest

Prem Param strives to avoid employee conflicts of interest or loyalty within the scope of their work. This may arise if an employee works for or has an interest in another company. If such a conflict should develop, employees are to report this immediately to their supervisor.


The highest quality standards and continuous quality improvement are essential for the growth and success of the company. Employees are asked to continuously improve the quality of Prem Param Groups offerings and services.


It is a principle of the Prem Param Group to protect the environment for future generations and to comply with all valid environmental protection Laws and directives. Prem Param Group expects its employees to be environmentally conscious and support these efforts.


Prem Param Group considers social competence and responsibility to be important criteria for long-term business partnerships. For this reason, Prem Param Group encourages its suppliers to study its Code of Business Conduct and to consider a similar Code for their companies.