Seven Hills International Limited


Thinking economically, acting ecologically.

As a partner to the international manufacturers, we support our customers in their commitment to protecting our environment, offering them environmentally compatible products, processes and recyclable products, as well as a consistently high level of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Protecting the environment is an integral part of Prem Param’s corporate strategy and has been a tradition. The extensive experience of marketing products for industries for almost 25 years has helped us to establish environmental standards which we implement all over the world.

Our environmental policy comprises a set of guidelines that are binding for all Prem Param employees. The idea of sustainability is firmly anchored in our family-owned, long-term oriented company. As soon as the product sales begin, we take into account environmental and recycling requirements, assessing our products on the basis of a life cycle inventory.

We also involve our business partners in our environmental protection activities: our goal to promote our product sales in an environmentally compatible way is therefore not only restricted to our offices and facilities but also includes the materials and components we source from our suppliers.