Seven Hills International Limited



Seven Hills,founded by the Prem Param Group, starts its functions with its first division for Gases & Chemicals.


Company expands its overseas operations and adds multiple products and services in its offering.


Gas Business further expands with its Bulk gases unit.


Seven Hills inaugurates it renewable energy division, this includes supply of Metallisation screens for solar cell manufacturers.

Seven Hills’ inaugurates its ambitious Medical & Health Care Division.


Seven Hills commences its complex hydrocarbon gas mixture manufacturing to serve petrochemical, refinery, automobile and other manufacturers, under a technical agreement with our US counterpart.

Seven Hills enters into strategic partnership with Total ACS, France.

Seven Hills adds online Raman Analyser in its Process Control & Instrumentation Division.


Seven Hills inaugurates Water & Waste Water Treatment Division.


Seven Hills ties up with major pump manufacturer for supply of pumps.


Seven Hills starts its Garuda Gas Generator Division for Laboratory and Industrial gas generators.


Seven Hills enters a strategic alliance with a German Photovoltaic Inverter manufacturer for its range of string inverters.

Seven Hills inaugurates cosmetic division with its Skinomate range of products.

Seven Hills further strengthens its Water & Waste Water Treatment Division with its UV PowerPlus range of products.


Today, with its expanded network of operations and strategic partnerships, it is able to offer customers multiple products and services in a spectrum of Industries.

The company is successful in serving customers including some of world’s leading manufacturer around the world.