Seven Hills International Limited

Corporate Culture


Principles of Prem Param Group

As a specialist multi products & solutions provider, we strive for a leading position in the market on the basis of technology, quality and costs. Our group values and conduct principles show our customers & business associates what our standards are.

We have formulated guidelines which are embedded in our values, company objectives and leadership and employee principles. These are binding for all employees worldwide.

Corporate Values
Tradition and openness to change

As an independent company based on 25 years of tradition, our actions are characterized by long-term orientation as well as the will to actively bring about necessary change.

Internationality and regional commitment

As an internationally oriented company, we are aware of our responsibility and the cultural diversity at all our locations with the focus on partnership and social awareness.

Success orientation and willingness to perform

We aim to be among the best and not to become complacent with what we have accomplished. This can be seen in every single employee’s willingness to perform.

Commitment and responsibility

Working in conjunction with business associates and within the company, we are reliable partners, we assume responsibility for our actions and abide by our agreements.

Reliability and honesty

We encourage a climate of openness and trust. In our relations with business partners and employees, we naturally respect each person’s dignity.


Corporate objectives
Market Leadership

To be the market leader and reliable technological supplier in all our divisions


We continuously aim to increase our business volume to strengthen our competitive position even further.


To remain profitable in order to finance our growth, create value for the stake holders, employees and secure our independence.


To satisfy our customers by providing products and processes driven by innovation, cost awareness and quality.


To streamline all decisions and activities enabling prompt and correct implementation






Leadership principles

Our managers communicate actively, provide constructive criticism and are open to criticism themselves. They are equally frank when addressing unpleasant issues.


Our managers find pragmatic solutions, make clear decisions and implement them promptly. They accept responsibility and do not make excuses.

Performance orientation

Our managers set high standards for themselves and their staff. They both challenge and empower their employees.

Role model

Our managers regard themselves as a clear role model for their employees. They place the emphasis on the task and not on themselves.


Our managers are well-informed, exhibit good judgment and inspire their employees with new ideas.



Employee principles

Our employees work constructively together with their managers, colleagues and business partners. They create a positive working environment through their reliability and loyalty.

Personal initiative and responsibility

Our employees support the company’s objectives through their initiative and dedication. They are willing to assume responsibility and think beyond the boundaries of their own area of work.


Our employees actively keep their managers and colleagues well-informed in a consistent and timely manner. They are not afraid to address unpleasant issues either.


Our employees complete their tasks quickly and accurately and achieve high-quality results – whether in the office or on site.

Willingness to learn

Our employees are constantly developing their skills. They respond positively to new tasks and change.