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UV PowerPlus– Metal Recovery – Nickle bath Recycling

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Seven Hills – UV PowerPlus system is used in Nickelbath Recycling

UV PowerPlus - UV evaporators offer the best solution to optimally use the expensive raw materials.

With UV PowerPlus systems, the nickel plating baths can be operated with minimal wastage and maximum availability, since all the bad organic materials are permanently under control.

The high plating quality opens new applications and extends the bath life time. Thus, production costs are reduced.

All resources normally drained with the rinse water are recycled and returned to the plating solution.

Return of resource reduces the cost of operations and also reduces the waste disposal costs

With UV PowerPus systems your raw material performance efficiency is increased to its maximum.

Nickel bath Recycling




Even without returning the rinsing water into the plating process, the elimination of the organic by-products leads to an electrolyte that is permanently work optimally to its peak performance and with minimum wastage.

Another advantage when using this technology, is that the treated bright nickel bath also can be applied as electrolyte for semi-bright, dull or satin Ni, as this can eliminate all brighteners.

The excess from bright-nickel is best used in this application, and saves money in two ways:

  1. No waste water treatment is needed, and thus, no costs for disposing resources.
  2. 100% of the resources are used in house at best quality without


Copper Bath Recycling Integrated into a Pulse Plating Line

Seven Hills – UV PowerPlus system is used in Nickelbath Recycling

UV PowerPlus technology offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of acid copper electrolytes from DC-plating (GMF and electronics) to pulse plating (pattern, panel, via filling, thick boards).

The simplest method is to treat the baths only to eliminate the bad organic by-products formed in the plating process.

This keeps the plating process permanently at a high-grade production and quality level.

A further feature of the UV PowerPlus UV evaporator is the integrated rinse water recycling.


Here, depending on the design, either part or the whole rinse water can be returned into the production process avoiding costs of waste water treatment.

Through all these processes, the organic by-products are eliminated and the plating quality can be maintained at 100%.

The highest availability of the plating process is kept with minimum wastage and thus at significantly lower production costs. If the rinse water is recycled, costs of wastage are further reduced.


UV PowerPlus– Metal Recovery – Recycling of Acid Copper Electrolytes


Seven Hills – UV PowerPlus system can help disinfect TSAA baths.

TSAA baths contain chelates which are bio available. Therefore, germs, especially fungi can develop in the process solution, if no germ are not controlled and carried in the process.

Carrying germs into the rinsing process can lead to an exponential growth of their number, as the lower osmotic pressure offers better conditions for micro organisms to flourish.

UV PowerPlus can offer a combined solution to this issued faced by TSAA both operators.

We can combine the cooling of the bath and UV disinfection with our UV evaporator.

UV PowerPlus UV Evaporator for
conditioning TSAA baths



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