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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
(API) Elimination



UV PowerPlus– Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Elimination


Seven Hills – UV Powerplus- UV Oxidation systems are best in class Advanced Oxidation Process systems in the market.

UVPowerPlus systems can be customised to suit your specific needs to reduce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

By selectively eliminating functional chemicals, we supply an economical tool to eliminate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) in pharmaceutical and chemical waste waters.

In this application, we offer an array of treatments: our UV systems can oxidise the compounds selectively and increase the bioavailability.

  • Antibiotics, such as sulfamide

  • Hormones, such as cyproteronacetate, letrozole, ethinylestradiol, levonorgestrel, etc.

  • Cytostatics, such as capecitabin, etc.

  • Complex structures, such as pantopranzole, urapidil, etc.

On demand we can add suitable sub systems to oxidise organic ingredients.

We do this by UV PowerPlus UV oxidation in combination with various oxidants under varying conditions.


UV PowerPlus– Cytostatic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Elimination


Elimination of cytostatics substances demand highest requirements to elimination technology. All cytostatic API are highly potent and are not allowed to be exposed to humans.

Cytostatic substances have to be eliminated completely.

Huge advantage of UV PowerPlus UV Oxidation of cytistatics are low OPEX at very interesting CAPEX.

Our system can operate in automatic mode and it can be made to run in complete autonomy and achieve NIL residues

Existing operation of using incineration can be avoided. Incineration option is not acceptable as it is not eco friendly


UV PowerPlus– UV Oxidation of Hormones


UV PowerPlus - UV Oxidation is best for elimination of hormones. There are many installations used in pharmaceutical industry for elimination of highly potent hormones.

UV PowerPlus -process is robust and efficient. With this process the user has an easy and economic disposal method available.

As special feature the UV PowerPlus process does not need any pre-treatment and no contaminated liquid and solid side-streams are generated.


Benefits of UV PowerPlus– Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Elimination

  • No Chemicals

  • Totally avoid Evaporators - Huge cost savings

  • Totally avoid RO plant – Substantial cost advantage

  • UV PowerPlus modular construction allow users to add on waste water treatment in stages (Start Small and Grow Big Approach)

  • After UV PowerPlus treatment, the waste water can be treated cost effectively in conventional Biological Effluent Treatment plant

  • With UV PowerPlus no additional contaminated streams are generated
    1. NO contaminated Liquid
    2. NO Contaminated Solid waste to dispose


UV PowerPlus– Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Elimination


Class 4 API


1) Mercaptopurinaus
2) Capecitabin
3) Bleomycin
4) Dactinomycin
5) Daunorubicin
6) Doxorubicin
7) Epirubicin
8) Idarubicin
9) Mitoxantron
10) Alemtuzumab
11) Bevacizumab
12) Cetuximab
13) Ibritumomab
14) Irinotecan
15) Topotecan

16) Amsacrin
17) Daunorubicin
18) Etoposid
19) Anagrelid
20) Azacitidin
21) Capecitabin
22) Clofarabin
23) Cytarabin
24) Fludarabin
25) 5-Fluorouracil
26) Gemcitabin
27) Mercaptopurin
28) Nelarabin
29) Tioguanin
30) Bortezomib

31) Cisplatin
32) Carboplatin
33) Oxaliplatin
34) Bendamustin
35) Busulfan
36) Chlorambucil
37) Chlormethin
38) Cyclophosphamid
39) Dacarbazin
40) Ifosfamid
41) Lomustin
42) Melphalan
43) Procarbazin
44) Streptozocin
45) Temozolomid

46) Carmustin
47) Methotrexat
48) Pemetrexed
49) Raltitrexed
50) Cabazitaxel
51) Docetaxel
52) Paclitaxel
53) Vinblastin
54) Vincristin
55) Vindesin
56) Vinorelbin
57) Eribulin
58) Cladribin
59) Podophyllotoxin
60) Hydroxycarbamid
61) Ixabepilon


Class 3 API


Oestrogenic hormones Gestagenic hormones Antiandrogenic hormones Thyroid hormones

1) Estradiol
2) Estriol
3) Ethinylestradiol
4) Promestrien






1) Progesteron
2) Desogestrel
3) Dienogest
4) Drospirenon
5) Dydrogesteron
6) Etonogestrel
7) Gestoden
8) Levonorgestrel
9) Medroxyprogesteron
10) Nomegestrolacetat
11) Norethisteron
12) Norgestimat
13) Norgestrel
14) Norelgestromin

1) Abirateronacetat
2) Bicalutamid
3) Cyproteronacetat
4) Flutamid
5) Enzalutamid
6) Nilutamid
7) Chlormadinon
8) Cyproteronacetat
9) Drospirenon



1) Levothyroxin
2) Liothyronin
3) Calcitonin









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