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UV PowerPlus - HydroActive - UV Disinfection for Open / Closed Tanks and Machines


Seven Hills – UV PowerPlus, UV Disinfection systems are designed for a chemical free disinfection.

HydroFloat and HydraActive systems were developed as an alternate disinfection system to replace expensive and un friendly chemical method to disinfect water.

These systems are UV based and used treat water in storage tanks by UV irradiation.

HydroActive (immersed UV reactor) is used in tanks and rinses of static fill levels and also for machinery.

HydroFloat (floating UV reactor) is applied in closed tanks of static and strongly varying fill levels.



HydroActive is applied in open rinses and tanks to disinfect water, also used to disinfect of machinery and parts.

Using HydroActive system can prevent carrying water infection problems into subsequent steps of the process. Also, this can improve the functioning of the machinery as germs will not impair parts of the machinery such as pumping stations, storage tanks or plating equipment.

The best applications are to be found in rinsing processes and in the hygienic storage of water and aqueous solutions.

The system can be applied to your particular process by custom designing with our expertise to get the best results

This chemical free solution offers a higher efficiency compared to chemicals because germs cannot become resistant against prolonged UV irradiations.

Further, this process works without the negative side effects of biocides. This can result is significant savings in avoiding reprocessing of media, final product and save time and money in the production lines.






UV PowerPlus - HydroActive System components


For Closed Tanks:


HydroActive in closed Storage Tank

HydroFloat & HydroActive in combination,

converting your tank into UV Reactor


HydroActive can be applied to an open tank, the flexibility of the system is such that it can be easily adapted to

  • Open Rinse

  • Open Tank

  • Machinery

  • In combination with HydroFloat to a closed tank

The system is custom designed to suit individual application with HydraActive (also in combination with HydroFloat where required)

Electrical Control Panel

Safety Interlock controllers etc

HydroActive and HydroFloat perfectly combine to provide total Disinfection of Open / Closed tanks. We supply necessary accessories as per site requirement


Unique Characteristics of UV PowerPlus – HydroActive System


By combining UV HydroFloat and HydroActive, We can convert your tank into an UV reactor (even your existing tank can be converted)


  • UV HydroActive , immersed UV reactor in water tank that irradiate in the water

  • UV HydroActive , immersed UV reactor can also be applied to disinfect tanks independently, this is mainly for open tank applications.

  • UV HydroActive , come with an integrated level senor for automatic ON / Off control for a safe operation.

  • UV HydroActive , immersed UV reactor in water tank that irradiate in the water

  • Highly cost effective and very less maintenance and chemical free water treatment.

  • Very High performance efficiency

  • Total Elimination of negative side effects of BIOCIDES for process media

  • Environmental friendly water disinfection system.

  • Reduces the cost of treating the effluent as less or no chemical is used to treat the water .

  • Systems built with multi safe guard to ensure smooth and safe operation.

  • UV HydroFloat , a Unique UV reactor irradiate the water, the walls, the air above the water in a closed tank.

  • UV HydroFloat , builds up a strong germ barrier to ensure water is 100% Sterile and free from Bio Film Growth

  • UV HydroFloat , disinfect water and also prevents re growth and future infection due to moist tank walls

  • Improves efficiency in water treatment processes due to advance & optimised control


UV PowerPlus - HydroActive System – Specifications (*)


HydroActive & HydroFloat layout

in a closed tank

HydroActive in with protection brackets

on a moving track

HydroActive Dimensions


Length (mm)
Diameter (mm)
HydroActive 15
HydroActive 40
HydroActive 120


UV PowerPlus - HydroActive System – Additional Safety Feature

HydroActive comes with an internal grounding protection tube, in case of damage the complete system switch to zero volts due ground fault protection switch


Application Areas for UV PowerPlus - HydroActive System



Food & beverages



DM water storage tank

RO Water storage tank

Drinking Water storage tank

Water Re circulations plant

Chemical Free Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Climatic Chambers

Scrubbers and humidifiers

Copper lines electrolytic unit

Cold coating lines – Acid and Neutral line

Phosphate lines

Alkaline Developer and Rinser

Hot Air Process

Galvanisation Plant

Water Purifications plants etc


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