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Leak Discoverer

A brand new concept of LEAK DETECTION CAMERA

Discover, Hear, See, Measure, Take Pictures of Leak


LEAKDISCOVERER IS THE FIRST CAMERA MADE TO DETECT leaks, The LEAKDISCOVERER (LKD 1000) has been designed to show you in real time on a visible scene the location of gas /air leaks with visual dynamic real time target. The dynamic target will change in size and colour according to the severity of the leak from yellow to red. dB RMS and MAX values are continuously measured and displayed on a colour and digital bar graph. Possibility to take up to 1000 scene pictures and store them. Pictures can be downloaded to PC.

It can Discover leaks in compressed air, oxygen, steam leaks / Electrical partial discharges, corona effects, electrical tracking / Vacuum systems leaks / Seal integrity, tightness test (with optional ultrasonic transmitter)


Compressed air is an expensive energy. 20% to 40% is lost in leaks. Deciding to arrest leaks in the compressed air system to minimize electrical energy loss is a wise decision. Repairing leaks are often low cost options, such as tightening of joints to close gaps, replacement of pipelines, and replacing connection valves and rubber seats.

The LEAKDISCOVERER LKD 1000 revolutionizes the compressed air and vacuum leak detection. No need, any more to spend hours wearing your headset listening to noisy leaks. With the LEAKDISCOVERER LKD 1000 you’ll work like in infrared thermograph, just scanning your compressed air systems. Near a leak a dynamic target will automatically appear on the display. The dynamic target will change in size and colour from Yellow to Red the closer you come to the leak. Once on the leak is located an X will appear in the red square target. You can then take a picture of the leak location, in JPEG format, and save it. Each picture is numbered and indicates the date, time and precise dB RMS and MAX. Picture can be transferred on a PC into the LEAKVIEWER picture report, software LEAKDISCOVERER LKD 1000 is required (optional). At the screen bottom the continuous measurement of the dB RMS and MAX is displayed on a colour bar graph:

Green = No Leak, Yellow = Light Leak, Red = Strong Leak.

Top reason why the LEAKDISCOVERER / LKD 1000 Is the ideal compressed air leaks detector

  • Very sensitive ultrasonic detector. Detects a leak of 0,1mm under 3 bars at 20 meters

  • High resolution 640*680 pixel colour camera

  • Large 3,5" LCD colour display

  • Precise leak detection and location by mean of a dynamic target changing in size and colour from yellow to red according to leak severity

  • Possibility to take a picture of the leak location, JPEG format, and transfer it to PC, into the LEAKVIEWER report software. Each scene picture with date, time and number, dB RMS and Max values are continuously measured and displayed on a colour and digital bar graph.

  • Possibility to listen simultaneously to the leak noise with high quality headphones

  • Locate leaks even without headphones

  • Adjustable gain from 50dB to 110 dB

  • Adjustable frequency with electronic mixer from 34kHz to 46 KHz

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

  • Six hours of autonomy with full charge

The limits of the traditional ultrasonic equipments:

  • You're working blind.

  • Concentrating on listening to ultrasonic sounds for hours may generate severe headaches.

  • There is no possibility to clearly document the survey results.

  • The LEAKDICOVERER is going far beyond these limits adding for the first time the VISION to the AUDIO

  • With the LEAKDISCOVERER you will easily find the smallest leaks even without wearing headphones!

  • And once found you take a picture of the location for the maintenance team


LEAKDISCOVERER - Instrument and Operational Displays


Flexible Ultrasonic 400 mm Sensor
LEAKDISCOVERER LKD 100 – Ultrasonic Detector with Camera
No Leak
Near a Small Leak
Face a Small Leak
Near Important Leak
Face an Important Leak


LeakDiscoverer viewer Picture Report


Benefits of LEAKDISCOVERER / LKD 1000
One instrument capable of detecting

  • Compressed Air leaks

  • Leaks in Steam Valve & Trap Check

  • Electrical discharge & arching (even detect electrical arching in a closed electrical cabinet)

  • Bearing faults & can help avoid down time of your machinery


LEAKDISCOVERER / LKD 1000- Specifications


Sensitivity Detect a leak of 0.1 mm at 3 bars at 20 m
Camera Colour 640x480 pixels
Display LCD colour 3,5 " 320x240 pixels
Picture JPEG, number date and time
Dynamic target

Yellow square with cross on light leak

Red square with cross on strong leak
Measure dB RMS and MAX
Memory Up to 1000 pictures , can be downloaded to PC
Communication USB cable supplied
Ultrasonic sensor
Open Type
Larger band +/- 2kHz - 6 dB
Frequency Central 40 kHz +/-1 kHz
Mixer adjustable frequency de 34- 46 kHz
Auto Gain or adjustable from 50 to 110 dB
Headset Adjustable volume from 0 to 10
Supply Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Autonomy Up to 6 hours
Temperature range -10°C à + 50°C
Dimensions 230x100x70 mm
Weight 580 grams for the LKD1000; 3,9 kg including metallic case
Software LEAKVIEWER picture report
Standards CE CEM 2004/108/CE: EN61000-6-4 & EN61000-6-2

Flexible 400 mm Ultrasonic sensor




Air Leak

Vacuum Leak

Steam Valve & Trap Check

Electrical Partial discharges due to bad contacts, Electrical Tracking

Surface Arc Caused by pollution, Insulator defects, Electrical Corona

Seal integrity, tightness test (with optional ultrasonic transmitter)

Defective Bearing



The production of compressed air is expensive.

Compressed air is widely used and an effective propellant for many types of machines used in various locations within many industries:

Car industry, hospital service, laboratories, shipping, heavy engineering plants, etc. However compressed air is at same time a very large cost to a company's budget each year. It is therefore imperative and sensitive to continuously inspect the company's air, vacuum or gas installations. A leakage test may prevent from more severe and costly problems and the plant SHUTDOWN.