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Raman Fiber Multiplexer

The Fiber-Optic Multiplex System for Raman Spectroscopy (patented) can be used to expand the use of our Raman Spectrometer. Through switching the excitation and collection fibers, Our Raman spectrometer can monitor up to 18 probes. This can be done with minimal signal loss, and very high repeatability




The Fiber-Optic Multiplexer had become popular with feed-forward applications for refineries, where our Seven Hills Raman and multiplexer control their blending header while looking at the incoming component streams.

The Fiber-optic Multiplex system can come in a variety of options. We offer 9 and / or 18 Max channels, and also a lab, or a 19" rack mount version



Fiber-Optic Multiplex System Specifications


one to 18 channels

Insertion Loss otal insertion loss is less than 1 dB
Optical Repeatability Repeatability is 99.5%.
Wavelength Range 633 nm to 860 nm
Switching Time Between Adjacent Channels Switching time between adjacent channels is aprox. one second
Operating Temperature 10 to 45 degrees C
Humidity Operating Conditions Less than or equal to 95 % non-condensing humidity
Switching Cycles greater than 100 million cycles
Fiber Size Accommodates multimode fibers (~50 um to 1000 um diameter), Either FC or SMA type connectors
Instrument Size 17" x 17" x10".
Weight aprox. 55 lbs
Power Requirements Universal input 48 to 220 VAC, with 110 VAC @ 5A
Mechanical Repeatability 0.00004" (~1um)
Step Resolution 0.000014" (~0.35um)
Interface RS232 serial connection and control from computer
Maintenance None, There are no gears to wear and the bearings are sealed and pre lubricated